IPL treatments

Treatments with the ELIGHT device with the latest technology for permanent hair removal and removal of wrinkles, acne, capillaries and pigmentation.

PHOTOEPILATION is permanent depilation / permanent hair removal from the face and body

New technologies, such as Intensive Pulsed Light, are completely safe, fast and painless. The light we apply to the skin is converted in the hair follicle into heat energy that burns the hair root. In order for burning to be successful, the hair must be in the growth phase, i.e. in the anagen phase. All hairs do not grow at once, but in stages. Also, the growth period is different for each area. That is why the procedure should be repeated several times, depending on the thickness and color of the hair and skin, as well as on the light rays. The procedure is repeated every 7-10 days, and between treatments the hairs should not be plucked, but shaved if necessary, in order to preserve the root, which is destroyed with the flash. The procedure is no longer painful, because our device contains a probe for CRYO THERAPY, with which we cool the treated area after the treatment. This prevents the occurrence of any changes on the skin. With this procedure, if desired, we can anesthetize the area being processed - both the body and the face.

IPL - can hairs disappear permanently?

The second most common question about IPL treatments is: Can we permanently destroy body and facial hair? The answer is complex. Hair is one of the most resistant parts of the body in the body, and it has a very high capacity for regeneration. After we perform the required number of treatments, the hairs no longer grow. However, due to the great ability to regenerate hair after half a year or more, it may start to appear in some places, but in very small numbers and very thin. To prevent their renewal, we need to repeat the treatment on the parts where they sprout. Each subsequent treatment is performed with a greater distance, because the hair's ability to regenerate is decreasing. For example the first repetition takes place after 6-10 months, the next after 12-18 months, etc. The interval gets longer and longer, the hairs sprout less and less often, and we can say from experience that they completely stop growing after a certain time.

How many treatments with the IPL device do we need?

How many treatments will be needed depends on the power of the device, but primarily on the health status of the client on whom the treatment is being performed. The health status of the organism determines the color and thickness of hair and skin, as well as their sensitivity and resistance. We also have to consider the area we are working on. For example the hairs above the lips, no matter how thin and rare they are, need more treatment than the hairs on the groin. Each area has a specific density and thickness of the hair, and a specific resistance to its destruction. The health status we are interested in is primarily the state of the endocrinological system, which determines the amount of all hormones in the body. Because of this, the number of necessary treatments varies greatly from one person to another. Thus, the average number of treatments using the IPL method is 6 visits, and that number varies from 4 to 8 treatments.

IPL technology is used for:

  • unwanted hair
  • capillaries
  • spots (increased pigmentation due to sun exposure and aging)
  • acne

The IPL system very effectively removes cracked capillaries from the face and body in 3-6 treatments. Revitalizes the skin, i.e. reduces enlarged pores, removes acne, and the texture of the skin becomes brighter, more radiant, and younger. Removes spots caused by the sun, pregnancy, hormonal changes or aging after 4-6 treatments.