Skin Rejuvenation Peppermint Peel (PMP) is a new chemical peeling product with a completely innovative idea. Peppermint peeling is not just a peeling, it is a skin rejuvenation product designed to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and achieve convincing aesthetic results. Components that do not cause peeling of the skin, which is common with other peelings, and are an integral part of it, provide immediate effects through bio-revitalization of the skin. Removal of dead epidermal cells, stimulation of new cell growth, and stimulation and maintenance of cell health are the basis of Peppermint peeling.

Peppermint peeling consists of 3 active groups: acids, humectants (moisturizers) and skin regenerators. There are 5 active ingredients (glycolic, lactic, trichloroacetic, salicylic, malic) in a combination of moisturizing ingredients (panthenol, betaine monoacid and Na PCA) and aesthetic regenerators (peptides) that have a bio-stimulating effect after peeling the skin. TKC acid can be represented in a percentage of 11 or 19%. The last ingredient is menthol, which gives a feeling of freshness and has a calming effect.

Why peppermint in chemical peeling?

Most chemical peels have been found to have a strong chemical smell that can be overpowering and off-putting to customers. By adding menthol to the combination of ingredients, PMP removes this unpleasant smell and replaces it with a fresh smell. Menthol was specifically chosen as an active ingredient due to its cooling properties that reduce the sensation of heat that active acids can cause. The overall effect of the peel is a pleasant and invigorating treatment that leaves you looking and feeling fresh right after the treatment. Thanks to the action of the active components mentioned above, PMP allows you to successfully treat skin photoaging. The exfoliation action carried out by the acids is complemented by the powerful and beneficial and moisturizing activities of the other active ingredients. This promotes tissue regeneration, cellular metabolism, structural turnover of proteins and restoration of the skin's ideal physiological condition. Moreover, PMP supports the reduction of skin imperfections such as enlarged pores, scars (acne, chicken pox, ...), fine lines and hyperpigmentation spots.

Goals of chemical peppermint peeling: