NLS diagnostics

NLS diagnostics with the Biophilia tracker 4D NLS device is a simple diagnostic method that is harmless to the patient and examiner, based on the analysis of the body's magnetic field.

How does the review of the Biophilia tracker 4D NLS device look like?

The patient sits in front of the computer and wears headphones for 15-30-90 minutes and holds a bioresonance electrode in his hand. During this time, the device collects information about the energy status of its organism. The energy status of individual organs is read through colored icons displayed on the computer screen. The icons and their colors allow the doctor to determine the location of the pathological process in the body. By comparing the icons in colors as well as the dynamics of their changes over time, the processes of changed biological structures can be analyzed, and the health status can be diagnosed. The color of the icons that appear on the computer screen can be observed by the patient during the examination. They show different degrees of instability of the magnetic field and energy imbalance of the body. The energy status of the patient is then compared with the database in the computer-apparatus, and in this way, individual pathological processes and the degree of their existence in the body are revealed. Meta-therapy is then carried out and the preparation of appropriate homeopathic preparations.

Why diagnostics with the Biophilia tracker 4D device?

Unlike other diagnostic devices, "Biophilia tracker" can detect the earliest stages of pathological processes (before the appearance of pronounced clinical symptoms), which are very poorly diagnosed by other methods (ultrasound, CT, MRI), and are absolutely harmless. The device "Biophilia tracker 4D" has a medical certificate that is valid in all countries of the European Union and is classified among medical devices with a computer complex for bioresonance diagnostics and rehabilitation.

Why do we recommend using the NLS system for diagnosing health conditions?

  1. it is pleasant for the patient, it does not require special preparations;
  2. testing is absolutely painless and harmless;
  3. after diagnosis, the patient receives information about the state of the entire organism
  4. obtaining information about predisposition to more serious diseases (diabetes, heart attack, insult, cancer, etc.);
  5. testing enables detection of the true cause of the disease, and prophylaxis can be started in time;
  6. suggest to the patient a diet characteristic for his condition, physiotherapy, massage and other types of treatment and recommend an examination and consultation with clinical specialists and the necessary additional analyses;
  7. by analyzing the chromosomal system, determine the predisposition to hereditary diseases and thus evaluate possible risks for the health status of new generations in the family

What can we do with Biphili tracker 4D NLS diagnostics?

  • detect pathological changes before the onset of disease and symptoms;
  • do an energy analysis of already existing chronic processes;
  • do a genetic analysis;
  • perform an analysis of the energy status of all organic systems in the body;
  • early detection of low energy status in individual organ systems
  • test the therapy that the patient is applying;
  • prepare homeopathic therapy;
  • in a few minutes to carry out Meta-therapy, which will bring harmony to energy imbalances in the body;
  • detect intolerance to certain foods;
  • detect the existence of an allergy to food, plants, chemical products;
  • remove the presence of heavy metals in the body;
  • discover the status of vitamins, minerals and trace elements;
  • reveal the status of microorganisms and the existence of infections in the body;
  • perform physical therapy;
  • confirm the state of the biochemical composition of the blood (all parameters of the chemical analysis of the blood, including numerous tumor markers);


Which organ systems can we examine with the Biophilia tracker 4D NLS device?

  • osteo-muscular system (bones, joints, muscles);
  • lymphatic system, lymph nodes;
  • cardiovascular system (heart, blood vessels);
  • nervous system (brain, spinal cord, hypothalamus, pituitary gland);
  • urogenital system (bladder, kidneys, prostate, uterus...);
  • respiratory system (trachea, bronchi, lungs);
  • digestive system (stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas);
  • endocrine system (thyroid, adrenal gland);
  • the existence of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites in the body;
  • the level of hormones and enzymes in the body;
  • the existence of an allergy to more than 1000 allergens (toxins from our environment, food, herbs, medicines and homeopathic preparations).