Metabolic balance

Metabolic balance® is a metabolic weight management program - developed by doctors and nutritional scientists. With the help of this program, you will adapt your current diet to a healthy, completely balanced and individual nutritional profile designed for you personally. The basis is your personal diet plan, which is compiled based on your current laboratory values and information about your health.

Your personal plan guides you in 4 stages to success and gives you the ability to

  • solve your personal weight problems permanently
  • preventively and comprehensively improve your health

How does metabolic balance® work?

Your individual nutrition plan brings your personal "body chemistry" into a new, metabolic balance with the "food chemistry" that suits you. You're not only eating all the healthy nutrients and minerals you need from common foods, you're also eating only the foods your body needs to regulate your out-of-balance metabolism. Your plan therefore takes into account your personal, physical situation and therefore applies exclusively to you and your data.

How does metabolic balance® achieve weight loss?

With your personal nutrition plan, you provide your body with all the necessary and healthy nutrients. In doing so, foods are chosen less according to the calorie content, but according to the equal part of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Based on your personal data and your laboratory values, we recommend foods that contain the amount of minerals and vitamins that your body needs to achieve a balanced hormone status again.

In this way, you support a healthy metabolism and promote mostly natural insulin secretion. With the help of new rules for preparing and eating food, you carefully and permanently regulate your body weight and strengthen your overall hormonal status.

What health improvements do I achieve through metabolic balance®?

Permanent adaptation of the body to an appropriate healthy and balanced diet in the long term prevents, especially in combination with appropriate movement, the known diseases of civilization. Restoring your natural nutritional balance works to restore your natural body balance.

At the same time, you improve your vitality and concentration and thus achieve a higher level of overall energy. You sleep better, your physical and mental strength increases - you generally feel stronger, more vital and fresher, and you act that way. Because with metabolic balance® you break down body fat but spare muscle and connective tissue, which means that your skin remains taut and smooth.

When should I definitely join the metabolic balance® program?

Joining the program is convenient and useful for you:

  • if you are looking for a permanent solution to your weight and finally decide on a healthy weight loss
  • if there are already health problems related to excess body weight or improper nutrition. These can be, for example, diseases such as diabetes II, rheumatism, chronic migraines, disturbances in fat metabolism, high blood pressure and many others.
  • if you want to be full of energy, strength and vitality, regardless of your age

Individual meals


By making the wrong choice of foods, the body often does not get the ingredients (nutrients) needed to maintain a balanced metabolism and the optimal individual hormonal status of each person. Our food today often consists of unhealthy carbohydrates. In addition, it also lacks sufficient amounts of high-quality proteins, secondary plant substances, vitamins and trace elements. Such a diet stimulates the production of insulin, our main metabolic hormone, with negative consequences for our body, our body weight and our health!

To solve these problems, after almost 20 years of research on the topic of "healthy nutrition", it was possible to compile a special computer program with the help of doctors, nutrition experts and computer scientists. This program calculates an individual food plan for each participant according to his laboratory blood values: composing individual meals and rules for food intake promote natural and proper insulin secretion, uniform hormone levels and thus a healthy metabolism. In this way, it is possible to permanently regulate body weight!

Adjustment of diet according to Metabolic Balance

Regulating body weight

Only by adjusting the diet, without fasting and starvation, without taking special nutritional supplements and without drugs, body weight is gradually regulated.

Vitality and increase in strength

Adaptation of diet generally increases the health of body and mind. This leads to a healthier and more vital appearance, increased concentration and better emotional balance. Already after just a few days, there is a feeling of improved energy. Increased energy and vitality replaces fatigue caused by inadequate nutrition and the feeling of heaviness after a meal. Moderate movement additionally stimulates the metabolism.

Stable desired weight

The yo-yo effect that accompanies many weight loss diets can be prevented by carefully adjusting the diet. Anyone who has changed their diet once and follows a few basic rules has a good chance of maintaining the weight they have achieved.

Beautiful skin

Especially in women, there is no formation of wrinkles on the face and other body areas as in some diets, because muscle and connective tissue is not reduced, but mainly fat tissue. The skin remains tight and beautiful.

Weight regulation with metabolic balance

4 phases

In a short preparatory phase, after an introductory or advisory conversation with a doctor or a qualified therapist, your individual diet plan is drawn up. At the same time, you gently prepare your body for the simple adjustment of the diet that follows.

During the strict adaptation phase, lasting at least two weeks, your body adapts to a new, healthy way of eating. Track changes in your weight and improvement in mood.

In the next, looser phase of adaptation, you carefully try foods that were previously excluded. In this way of eating, and at the same time, monitor which further changes in your weight and mood improvement it leads to.

The maintenance phase has no time limit and it starts as soon as you are satisfied with your new body weight and the general state of the organism. You ensure the already achieved success by continuing to follow some basic, already well-known rules for nutrition, as well as regular exercise.