R20 Intense Bird's Nest & Sodium DNA is a superior mesotherapy that contains proteins from bird's nest and sodium DNA. Bird's nest contains 2000 times better quality proteins than human, which helps regenerate skin cells and activate stem cells. It also stimulates the production of collagen to make the skin more elastic. Sodium DNA gives skin vitality and energy and shine, helping skin regeneration. Extremely luxurious mesotherapy that rejuvenates the skin and restores its vitality to make it fresher and younger. This mesotherapy cocktail has the power to activate acetylhexapeptide-8 on the skin. This effect is similar to the effect of "botox", but it is safer and more effective, it helps reduce fine and deep wrinkles and increase the elasticity of the skin. Sodium DNA is a skin cell regeneration technology that prevents their aging and restores the skin's shine and youthful appearance.

 Active ingredients:

  1. Bird's nest extract contains 2000 times more valuable proteins that cleanse the skin and activate stem cells to stimulate skin regeneration. Increases skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production.