What makes this treatment stand out?

The Hydrodermal treatment is one of the rare devices where abrasion is done on moistened skin, so there is no skin irritation or complications. The treatment itself is pleasant and suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive the skin is. This is the safest abrasion system for dark skin without fear of complications unlike classic abrasion. There is no skin damage or recovery during the treatment. After the treatment, it is possible to develop redness that lasts about 5-10 minutes. The treatment lasts an average of 30 minutes, and the results are visible immediately after the treatment and get better with time. Hydrodermal treatment is an excellent complement to laser treatments, especially for the prevention of the development of melasma, i.e. pigmentation. The specialty of the treatment is simultaneous exfoliation of dead skin layers, deep cleansing of the skin, removal of all impurities from the pores while moisturizing the skin. This is the only system that serves to remove blackheads from the back and chest. The treatment provides the most thorough cleansing of the face, especially deep pores. If you want your face to be really clean of all impurities and pores completely purified, then this is the treatment of choice. What is most important is that your skin is home to numerous invaders from bacteria, parasites and fungi that are most thoroughly removed by this treatment, so this treatment has not only an aesthetic role but also a hygienic purpose, because after the treatment you can say that your face is really 100% clean.

What lives on our skin and why is it necessary to deep clean the skin?

Many bacteria, parasites and fungi live on our skin, which are not visible to the naked eye. Apparently clean skin does not mean that it is really clean, but when illuminated with a Wood lamp, the skin lights up like Las Vegas, which indicates a lot of bacteria, which at the same time automatically means a lot of fungi and parasites. The oilier the skin, the more pores and blackheads it has, this means that there are more unwanted inhabitants. We can safely say that blackheads are an accumulation of fat and numerous microorganisms. Therefore, deep cleansing of the face is not only an aesthetic procedure but a health need, because numerous microorganisms can worsen and cause certain diseases such as acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, ...

Why is it necessary to deep clean the face?

Daily face washing with water and other means does not clean the pores thoroughly or deeply. Exposure to smog and various impurities clogs pores and worsens complexion, acne and other diseases. Heavy creams and make-up additionally clog the pores. The skin changes every 30 days, but the dead skin layers are left behind if they are not removed separately, which is not enough by daily facial cleansing. Layers of dead skin remain on the face despite daily hygiene and serve as food for fungi and various parasites. If the dead skin layers are not removed, then fungi and parasites multiply and cause seborrheic dermatitis, worsening of the complexion or rosacea... Accumulated dirt and dead skin layers prevent the penetration of therapy and cosmetics, which is why treatment results are weaker and cosmetics are not as effective. After deep cleansing, your skin shines because we can say that it finally penetrates. This is not only visible, but significantly felt when touching the skin. That is why it is necessary to deep clean the face from time to time. Most clients are shocked when they see the amount of dirt and dead skin removed.

What is the difference between classic microabrasion and Hydrodermal treatment?

The difference is huge, so it is not even possible to compare these types of treatments. In classic abrasion, the goal is to remove dead skin layers using, usually, a diamond or crystal that rotates at high speed and removes dead skin layers. There is a possibility of crystals remaining in the skin and the development of subsequent inflammatory changes. In doing so, the healthy layers of the skin are damaged, which prolongs the recovery of the skin and increases the risk of complications after the treatment. A vacuum is often used to remove the dead skin layers, but there is always a part of the unremoved skin layers left behind and the pores are not completely cleaned in depth. The problem with this method is that darker skin may develop increased pigmentation or its loss. Melasma can get worse. The reason is skin irritation because the treatment is done on dry skin. At the same time, recovery of a few days may be necessary. With hydrodermal abrasion, it is done with a special attachment that has more threads and removes significantly more dead skin layers in 1 turn than with classic microabrasion. The abrasion itself is gentle. The movements of removing dead skin layers are much faster than with classic microabrasion, and the treatment is less aggressive. This is why the results are significantly better in terms of reducing pores, smaller wrinkles, scars and pigmentation. The main difference is that this is the only technology where abrasion, vacuum and moisturizing of the skin are performed at the same time during the treatment. A serum rich in antioxidants moisturizes and soothes the skin and completely removes irritation. Due to the moisturizing of the skin, the healthy layers of the skin are not affected. After the treatment, the skin receives hyaluronic acid from the serum, which provides moisture and receives all the necessary vitamins and proteins necessary for the development of new collagen. Microorganisms are killed by the ingredients of the serum. Vitamin C additionally reduces pigmentation and prevents the development of new pigmentation. At the same time, when the skin is moisturized, the pores are completely opened and cleaned better. Rinsing the skin with the serum completely empties the pores of all impurities, and the 100% is a deep cleansing of the pores, especially at the same time as a vacuum in combination.

Who is the Hydrodermal treatment recommended for?