Deso Body

Localized fat is subacute adipose tissue that is retained in specific anatomical regions that change the shape of the body. An optical microscope can clearly determine the hypertrophy or hyperplasia of adipose tissue and the absence of pathological features. The most common places of appearance are: the inner side of the thighs, the inner side of the knees and hips, and it can also appear on: the stomach, arms, chin and on the back of the back.

Deso body destroys the biological membranes of fat cells with the help of emulsification.

After the treatment, lymphatic drainage is recommended to remove the treated fat from the body. It is necessary to wear a corset or an elastic bandage for 3 days after the treatment of the abdomen. The treatments are painless because they are done in combination with a local anesthetic, and the treatment is done for 6 weeks.

Deso Face

The special composition allows successful and safe treatment of localized fat on the face and neck. Sodium deoxycholate (0.5%) emulsifies fat cells. Caffeine promotes lipid catabolism. EQUISETUM has a decongestant and drying effect.