Live blood cell analysis

Darkfield or microscopic analysis of a live drop of blood is a method of blood analysis that offers the possibility of insight into initial changes in the appearance and dynamics of blood cells and plasma much earlier than the onset of a disease. It is a preventive preventive method that indicates the need for personal involvement in changing the current lifestyle, with the aim of preserving and improving health.

Microscopic analysis of blood cells can show:

  • the quality of blood cells and plasma
  • the onset of the disease due to the long-term effect of free radicals
  • the presence of heavy metal salts
  • predisposition to arteriosclerosis and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases
  • the presence of bacteria, parasites and fungi (predisposition to infections)
  • inadequate digestion of proteins and fats (disorder of liver and pancreas)
  • lack of trace elements and vitamins (B12, folic acid, iron)
  • tendency to allergies
  • the presence of elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood
  • you gave under the influence of stress and its consequences
  • presence of uric acid crystals (risk of gout and rheumatism)
  • existence of hormonal imbalance

Normal blood test

Vitamin B12 deficiency

Iron deficiency


White blood cells (granulocytes, eosinophils and lymphocytes)

Aggregation of erythrocytes

bacteria (cocci)

Immunological neutropenia

Not digesting proteins (binding proteins)

Red crystals (rotting of food in the large intestine) and salts of heavy metals

Yellow-brown crystals (dysfunction of the upper part of the digestive system)

Uric acid crystals

Crystals in urinary tract infections

Fat metabolism disorder

Atherosclerotic plaques

Cellular waste

Platelet accumulations (disorder of the venous system)

Protoplast (immune system deficiency)