What are the effects of COG mesonite?

COG mesonites are made of biodegradable material. COG mesonites in the skin stimulate the production of new collagen and connective tissue, thus creating a new support network of the skin. This leads to tightening of the face or body in the desired direction, and wrinkles are removed. They provide excellent results in the face and neck area and are the right choice for all patients who want to avoid surgical facelift.

What does the COG mesonite installation procedure look like?

First, a local anesthetic is applied to the skin, and then COG mesonites are introduced under the skin using a cannula or needle. The COG thread placement procedure is comfortable for the patient, and recovery is short, usually 2 to 5 days (which depends on the patient's skin type and age).

The advantage of this method is that, if necessary, it can be combined with other rejuvenation treatments such as PRP, hyaluronic fillers, 3D mesonites or so-called rejuvenation mesonites, mesotherapy, so that the end result is even better.

How long does the COG mesonite placement procedure take and when is the result visible?

The intervention itself lasts about 20 minutes, the effect is visible immediately, and the final result after 8 weeks.

What are the effects of lifting COG mesonites?

There are several advantages of this procedure:

How long does the COG mesonite rejuvenation effect last?

The results of COG mesonite lifting are visible from 2 to 5 years (which is individual and depends on the patient's age and skin type).