The most effective and popular aesthetic treatment in the world. It removes small and deep wrinkles, improves the contours of the face and eyes, and its effect is visible within a few days, without the fear of a surgical knife. Botox effectively removes forehead wrinkles, frown lines and fine lines around the eyes. In addition, it can remove wrinkles on the nose and lift the eyebrows, corners of the lips and tighten the neck. Miraculous applications of botox include lowering the lip in patients whose gums are too visible and narrowing the face in those who have too pronounced masticatory musculature.

Botox is not a poison but a natural protein with no long-term side effects.

How does it work?

Before botox application, we examine the work of individual muscles that participate in facial expressions in each patient. After precise identification of the muscles that create unwanted wrinkles through strong action, botox is applied with a thin needle. Muscles relax over time since botox blocks the path of nerve impulses to the muscle. The skin covering these muscles is tightened and smoothed because the remaining active muscle is tense, thus eliminating wrinkles.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment lasts only 5-10 minutes and is practically painless. It is possible to apply pain relief cream before the treatment, but the needles are so thin that there is almost no need for this. Many patients compared the feeling of botox injections to acupuncture treatments or eyebrow plucking, many even called the whole experience very relaxing!

How long does the effect of botox last?

Botox results become visible after 2-7 days, and the effect should last about 3-6 months. If the patient regularly repeats the treatments, the muscles shrink over time, thus prolonging and improving the aesthetic effect of the treatment. Recent research has shown that in patients who have been treated with Botox for years, wrinkles can be completely erased.