Electrostimulation of muscles – the process of applying current pulses for the treatment and restoration of the natural functioning of muscles, tissues, nerves and internal organs. The method of stimulating muscles with electricity was proven in the 18th century by Luigi Galvani. In cosmetology, electrostimulation treatment is very popular - it is effectively used for body shaping, face correction, increasing muscle mass, strengthening and training muscles and many other procedures. The main effect of electrostimulation is the strengthening of muscle tissue. At the same time, blood and lymph circulation increases, local lipolysis occurs, positive changes occur in lipid metabolism and hormone levels are stabilized.

When electrostimulation is used for weight loss and with the desire to get rid of cellulite, it is used in an integrated program, where it is complemented by other methods such as massage, cavitation; which significantly improves the effect of exercise, such as the influences are very weak and are not involved in muscle training. It is recommended, of course, in order to achieve good and consistent results, that you adjust your diet according to health recommendations, which include a proper, balanced diet, during and after the electrostimulation treatment. Nutrition is the basis, and all cosmetic treatments for shaping should be understood as support for your faster and easier reaching of the goal.

If your goal is to lose weight and remove cellulite, within 2 hours after the procedure, you should not eat anything, only drink water. If your goal is to build muscle, pay attention to protein-rich foods - seeds and nuts, eggs, legumes, not fatty meat.

Indications for electrostimulation:

It is recommended to perform 10 treatments according to an exact schedule, from 3 to 5 times a week.