The Overline Body Sculpture device is a much more modern and high-quality technology than Med Contour or Venus Legacy, it is an innovative Italian medical device that we are introducing for the first time in Croatia, and the results are phenomenal already after the first treatment!

Overline Elite Resolution Body Sculpt - Innovative and the only one in Croatia - a serious, medical and professional approach not only to the aesthetic problem but also to the treatment of cellulite and fat deposits.

ELITE RESOLUTION BODY SCULPT is a device that works on the principles of shock waves with vacuum, multipolar radiofrequency, infrared light and LLLT (low-level laser treatment), which are used with a certain comfortable and non-invasive technology.

SHOCK WAVES refer to compression movements created by low frequency acoustic waves. They travel through body fluids and act exclusively on fat cells, repairing fat deposits and irregularities caused by cellulite.

VACUUM - acts on tissue in the same way as endoderm massage, and together with shock waves has a deep suction effect. This combination results in a general remodeling of fat deposits.

LLLT (low level laser treatment) – the effect it creates is photo stimulation. It acts on tightening and restructuring. Thanks to him, the results are improved to perfection.

MULTIPOLAR RADIOFREQUENCY, based on the transformation of energy into heat, improves local metabolism, accelerates blood flow in the microcirculation and expels accumulated water in the capillaries. The result is the restoration of the metabolism of fat deposits and cellulite.